HATCH BASH by Brianna Wilson

From early hangouts by 2014 Hatch turned into "a monthly meet-up of creative entrepreneurial women throughout NYC. Through curated events, field trips, resources, & workshops, our mission is to answer questions that self-starters want to know, create an environment for exciting collaboration, and bring ideas to life."

I met Hatch founders Jess Peterson and Michelle Bablo through the great and powerful Instagram. Then coffee and cocktails bonded us, as it does in all successful relationships. Prior to the Hatch Bash, I was lucky enough to work with Michelle on a few occasions, including the week she rocked With the Locals. So when Jess asked me to shoot Hatch's kickass end of the year party, of course I was in. 

Jess Peterson + Michelle Bablo

Jess Peterson + Michelle Bablo

If you like ladies who get shit done, these are your gals. 

If you like ladies who get shit done, these are your gals. 


Check out the Hatch blog for future events. 

Science. by Brianna Wilson

I know very well it's simply science, but the whole idea of a photo kind of feels like magic. 

Like we've found an amazing way to cheat our memory. Occasionally, I'll look over old photos and instantly think, "I probably would have never thought about this moment again had it not been for this photo." To be able to put a little pin in our heads, jogging it remember that that moment did happen. 

I love and am mesmerized by the idea of capturing a moment of time. Which brings me to my next point... it wasn't until recent years and the birth of my nephew that I had any clue how quickly babies grow. Hey, I don't spend a lot time with kids. Unfortunately, I don't get to see the little guy on the regular so every time I'm back in PA, I swear the kid is practically a whole new person. How did that little blue eyed babe turn into this clever and and funny toddler with endless energy. Science. Again. So while I love nothing more than to see him grow, it's amazing to be able to look back at who he once was. 

This little doll is Sadie, or sweetly referred to by her older brother as Sadie Lady. She's very much so as sweet as she looks- hardly cries, loves to people watch, the definition of 'chill'. So far, she's the ultimate cool girl. 

DCP Ceramics by Brianna Wilson

Fun Fact, Danielle Clare Pomorski and I are both from the same lovely weird little place, Erie PA. Throughout our childhoods, occasionally our worlds would overlapped, but for the most part she was just the cool girl I saw as swim meets. Since then, Danielle began dating my oldest friend and moved to Brooklyn. Fast forward past many hangouts and several years- when Danielle so thoughtfully made my new husband and me the most beautiful ceramic dishes for a wedding gift. 

Let me also preface this by saying, I am in no way the right person to be trusted with breakable things. Just the other day, I cracked my 2 week old iPhone on the subway platform. So you can imagine one of my first thoughts when receiving this amazing gift Amazing! Too bad they will live in a safe place far far away from me. But I also don't have any self control (which should also explain my high sugar intake). But you know what, while I wouldn't suggest throwing them on the ground, I'm no monster, they're so expertly made that they're very durable and practical. All that to say, these one of a kind pieces are the real deal. 

When Danielle told me she was going to start selling her pieces, I jumped at the change too photograph her work. In true low-key form, we shot everything in natural light and on the deck of her apartment, which she told me is one of her favorite places to work. All in all, it didn't take much to make her pieces look amazing, they simply already are.  

You can check out more of her work at DCP Ceramics